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We're open 10.30am - 5.00pm, Wednesdays to Sunday, for a very warm welcome and delicious hearty fare

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All our pies are made with locally sourced meat & vegetables topped with a golden puff pastry lid & are accompanied with seasonal vegetables & new potatoes or a mixed country salad & a baked potato.


Wye valley beef & beer pie [w] - £12.95

Tender pieces of welsh beef cooked in a rich gravy made with local abbey ale from Tintern. Tintern’s ‘abbey ale’ available in bottles for you to enjoy with your meal or to take home.


Tinterns infamous dragon pie™ [w] £12.95

It’s our secret recipe. Prime welsh beef, red wine, chillies & many other hot things. Please be warned dragon pie is not for the faint hearted - it is extremely hot!!


Abbot’s chicken & ham pie [w] - £12.95

Prime chicken breast & herefordshire ham together in a creamy sauce.


Owain glyn dwr’s lamb pie [w] - £12.95

Tender welsh lamb, in rich gravy with a hint of mint.


Gamekeeper’s rabbit pie - £12.95

Yes real rabbit! Tender pieces of peter rabbit slowly cooked in a rich wine gravy.


Vegan curry pie [vg] - £12.50

Cauliflower, lime and coconut with a mix of vegetables come together in a mild curry sauce.


Welsh lamb cawl [w] - £11.95

A traditional welsh treat- served with crusty bread, a chunk of caerphilly cheese & a warm welsh cake!


Lay brother’s liver & bacon - £12.95

Served in a giant yorkshire pudding on a bed of creamy mash potato with a selection of vegetables and a rich gravy.


Homemade lasagne [w] - £11.95

We use best quality minced welsh beef, cooked with red wine, garlic, herbs & tomatoes layered between pasta sheets, topped with a creamy cheese sauce. Baked in our oven, accompanied by garlic bread & a country salad.


Gilpin’s chowder - £12.50

Cod, smoked haddock, salmon and prawns together in a creamy thick sauce, served with crusty bread & welsh butter.


St Tewdrics fishcakes [w] - £12.50

We make our fish cakes from fresh salmon & pink prawns wrapped together with local potato served with a sweet chilli dip, country salad & cottage roll.


Poached Salmon  [w] - £12.50

Poached salmon served with a country salad & new potatoes.


Served with a country salad, cottage roll & welsh butter.


Turners cheese platter [w]- £12.50

An artist’s treat of welsh llandyrnog cheddar & fine english stilton served with a tasty apple & ale chutney.


Wordsworth ham platter - £12.50

Home cooked local gammon ham served with a tasty apple & ale chutney.


Fishermans platter- £12.50

Fresh cutlet of salmon poached with lemon & served with a country salad, & served with new potatoes.


Millers prawn platter - £12.50

Juicy pink prawns served on a bed of lettuce with a lemon wedge & marie rose sauce.


Macaroni cheese and leek bake [v] - £11.50

A homemade dish of macaroni pasta in a creamy cheese sauce with leeks served with a salad garnish & garlic bread.


Benedict’s 8 bean beany bake [v] - £11.50

A homemade tasty treat of 8 different beans cooked with vegetables in a tomato & basil sauce, covered with scalloped potatoes &melted cheddar cheese. Served with salad garnish & tortilla crisps.


Abbey Mill home baked 'quiche of the day' [v] - £11.50

Served with a country salad & new potatoes.


King Offa’s soup of the day [v w] - £6.50

After a stroll along offa’s dyke & taking in the fresh air what better than a large bowl of hot homemade soup finished with croutons & cream, with a warm cottage roll & welsh butter.


Naughty monk’s baked baguettes - All £8.95

Freshly bake baguettes served with a side of crisps and homemade ‘redslaw’:


Llandyrnog cheddar & tomato [v]
Llandyrnog cheddar & onion [v]
Tuna sweetcorn mayo
Home cooked ham salad
Melted Llandyrnog cheddar & bacon
Prawns with marie rose sauce
Bacon, brie & cranberry
Minted lamb & onions
with redcurrant jelly
BBQ pulled pork & onions
Turkey, stuffing & cranberry
Slow roasted beef & onions with horseradish relish
Bacon & black pudding
Crispy chicken, bacon, lettuce & tomato with garlic mayo... All £8.95


Our local jacket potatoes are inspired by our local landscape and are freshly baked every day. Choices of fillings are:


Welsh Llandyrnog cheddar [v w] - £8.95


Homemade red coleslaw [v] - £8.95 Add cheese +£1.25


Baked beans [v} - £8.95 Add cheese +£1.25


Tuna & sweetcorn mayo - £9.95 Add cheese +£1.25


Melted  Llandyrnog topped with bacon - £9.95


Pink prawns with lemon & marie rose sauce - £10.50


All potatoes are accompanied with a large crisp country salad


Local jacket potato - £3.99


Bowl of side salad - £4.99


Homemade ‘redslaw’ - £3.50


Jug of gravy - £2.50


Cottage roll & butter - £1.99


Garlic bread - £3.99


Garlic bread melted cheese - £4.99


Portion of welsh cheddar cheese - £3.99


Bowl of olives, olive oil and balsamic vinegar with rustic crusty bread for dipping  - £7.99

don't forget ...

Our local potatoes are oven baked every day. Choices of fillings are:


Daily specials - Please see blackboards


Children’s menu available - Please ask


Wine/ beer menu - To enjoy


Vegetarian choice - Marked [v]


Vegan choice - Marked [vg]


Gluten free options on request


Locally sourced welsh choice - Marked [w]


No G.M. Ingredients


Made to our own recipe,
home of Tintern's famous


Mill wheel tea cake - £3.85

(Beware of forgeries!)




Hot chocolate fudge cake  - £5.25

Served warm with lashings of chocolate fudge, fresh whipped cream or ice cream, chocolate sauce & a Cadbury’s flake

(Warning: this sweet may contain chocolate!)


Hot apple strudel - £5.25

Apple, cinnamon & sultana strudel served warm with either: freshly whipped cream, custard or vanilla ice cream


 Toffee or Chocolate meringues - £5.25

Freshly whipped cream encased between two meringues with vanilla ice cream & topped with toffee or chocolate sauce, chopped nuts & a crumbled Cadbury’s Flake

(We guarantee this not to be slimming!)

crepes & waffles

Two Crepes served with:


Sugar and lemon - £4.45

The traditional choice


Maple syrup cream & ice cream

- £5.75

The perfect combination


Red cherries cream & ice cream - £5.75

It’s naughty but it’s nice!


Waffle & maple syrup - £5.75

One large sugar waffle drizzled with maple syrup & finished with cream & vanilla ice cream


Traditional cream tea - £7.25

Two warm homemade scones served with butter, jam and fresh whipped cream plus a pot of tea or an americano for one -

        Make it Rhoda’s clotted cream - £8.00, extra jam +60p, extra cream   +90p


Welsh tea - £7.50

One slice of Bara-Brith loaf and two warm Welsh cakes and butter plus a pot of tea or an Americano for one


Vanilla ice cream - £3.95

With a Cadbury’s chocolate flake and chocolate or strawberry sauce


Naughty but nice   - £7.25

Layers of raspberries & coulis sauce topped with cream & meringue


Honey crunch  - £7.25  

Honey comb & butter scotch sauce Delicious!


Black Forest - £7.25  

Layers of cherries, chocolate sauce topped with cream, nuts and a flake  

family favourites

Traditional Bakewell Tart - £5.25

 A rich iced almond sponge with a layer of strawberry jam


Sticky treacle tart - £5.25

An old traditional favourite


Classic apple pie - £5.25  

A perfect combination


Sticky toffee pudding - £5.25 

Layers of cherries, chocolate sauce topped with cream, nuts and a flake  


(All sweets are offered with freshly whipped cream, vanilla ice cream or custard)


Chelsea Bun - £2.85

Served with butter 


Home made scone & butter - £2.25

We are still following the family recipe 1932


Welsh cakes - £2.75 

Two welsh cakes traditionally cooked on a bake stone, served warm with butter


Bara-Brith loaf - £3.95   

Two slices of Welsh tea bread baked to our own family recipe, served with butter



A wonderfully moist cake with iced topping served with fresh cream or ice cream. 'Recommended by one rabbit to another'


House tea - £2.75

Pot of freshly brewed tea for one


Earl Grey - £2.95

A speciality tea with a distinctive flavour


Herbal & fruit teas  - £2.95  

Make a choice from our wide selection


Hot water - £1.50

by the cup


Americano coffee - £3.00

Espresso topped with hot water with milk


Espresso  - £2.65

Classic Italian coffee, short & black with an intense aroma & aftertaste


Double Espresso - £3.10


Cappuccio - £3.10

One third espresso, one third hot milk and one third frothed milk


Caffe latte - £3.10

Espresso topped with hot steamed milk and a thin layer of frothed milk


Flat white - £3.35

Double Espresso topped with hot steamed milk


Mocha - £4.25

Espresso shot topped with hot Belgian chocolate and sprinkled with cocoa powder


(All above available as decaffeinated +25p)


Hot Chocolate special - £4.25

Belgian chocolate topped with cream or marshmallows and a Cadbury’s Flake too!


Soya & oat milk

   available +40p per drink

(All prices are per person)


Lemonade - £2.80


‘Coca-Cola’ - £2.80

It’s the real thing


Diet Coke   - £2.80  


Appletise - £3.10

Sparkling apple juice


Pure orange juice  - £2.70


Sparkling minersl water - £2.60


Elderflower presse - £3.10


Ginger beer - £3.10

(All served with ice & lemon)


Cold Milk  - £2.70

By the Glass


Flavoured milk - £3.10

Strawberry or chocolate milk toped with whipped cream and a flake


Ice cream floats - £3.95

Coke or lemonade topped with vanilla ice cream

Allergy Advice

If you suffer from any allergies, please discuss these with a member of our Restaurant team

who will do their best to accommodate your dietary needs and suggest items that may be suitable. 
We aim to offer suitable dishes for all diets though, unfortunately, this may not always be possible. 


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we have been coming here for many years

Wonderful food, we love the famous pin wheel tea cake and the Chelsea bun is worth the drive across the bridge, friendly helpful staff and it’s always a real pleasure to visit, we have been coming here for many years. Facebook

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